Monday, 4 July 2011


Group syamim is the best for me.Your presentation is very enjoyed me.Ilike your presentation..

Friday, 24 June 2011


          Nowadays.there are many movies that attract many people to see..There are many type of movies such as horror movie,comedy movie,thriller movie,love movie and so on..the most movie i like to watch is korean movie especially "My Girls"..this story about a heroin,Yoo Rin has to pretend as hero's cousin,Lee Gong Chan to save Gong Chan's grandfather because his cousin was missing when Gong Chan was child..and from that day they become closer and love feeling was present..this movie is very you have to watch it...


Hi everyone...konichiwak...hehe..what nonsense!!!! i'm farah zahidah binti abd all can call me farah..i want to share you a little bit about me and my family...i was born on 12 november 1993 at Hospital Kota Bharu, Kelantan..i live in a village called "kampung resak" i'm studies at uitm kuala pilah and taking in diploma in science courses..   
              I have five siblings and i'm the second daughter..i have one sister,one younger sister and two younger hobbies are listening k-pop music...the most favourite k-pop group i like are super junior,wondergirl and girl's generation..furthermore i like to cooking because i like to if you all want to eat so tell me and i'm the one who eat your food...hehe..just joking...  

                  My ambition is to be a chemical-engineering because i like so much chemistry subject..but my father want me to be a doctor...i don't want to be a doctor because i don't like bio..i  don't know why i don't like...maybe because i don't like to memorize..

                       My father's name is Abd Gani Bin Abd Rahman...he was born on 3 June 1963..he's a strict person but sometimes a funny person...although he was strict but he like to advise me to study hard and be a good mother's name is Noor Lida Binti Mat Yunus...he was born on 8 Mac 1969...she's a lovely mother and a good cooking person..i love to eat my mother's's very delicious..if i can back everyday  it's very delightful..and the first thing i want my mother to do is cooking my favourite food..i'm very miss my mother's cooking....HAHAHAHA...that's all from me...bye.......